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OCTOBER 25, 2018

San Francisco Galleria Design Center


Humanity First. Technology Forward.

The Truth Awards Gala™ celebrates companies and individuals in Technology who Do Good in their respective fields by exemplifying Humanity First in their efforts to advance technology.

We live in a cautionary culture where endless resources are expended highlighting and illuminating negativity. The Truth Awards Gala™ was birthed out of our desire at 42Phi Ventures to support a counter-culture of hope, promise, ethics, and empathy for humanity by illuminating and celebrating those who, in contrast, Do Good

The Truth Awards Gala™ recognizes leaders in Business, Technology, Arts and Media who Do Good, yet whose voices and missions are often muffled.

The Awards Gala promotes the spirit of Sojourner Truth, who despite her own suffering stood first for the rights of ALL humanity. She fought for the rights of all citizens to vote regardless of land ownership status, gender, or race. She single handedly convinced President Abraham Lincoln to allow all men of color to be a part of the Union Army. She spent her life helping the homeless find shelter, feeding the poor and demanding equality for all. Her contemporaries, from Wendell Phillips, Harriett Beecher Stowe to Frederick Douglas lauded her as a humanitarian of the greatest order.

The Truth Awards Gala™ celebrates those who embody these ethics and empathy for humanity. Like Ms. Truth, these companies and individuals rely on ethics and empathy as the beacon and compass that guides their success in business.

Truth has been honored by the Federal Government with placement on the $10 bill in 2020 and was named by the Smithsonian Institute as one of 100 Greatest Americans. Truth’s example of dedication to Do Good is the cornerstone of our work at 42Phi Ventures. 42Phi Ventures is incredibly honored to have the full support and endorsement of Sojourner Truth’s descendants for the Truth Awards Gala.

“It is with great honor, that we the McLiechey family, descendants of Sojourner Truth, give our blessing and full support to 42Phi Ventures and the Truth Awards Gala. We are proud to support 42Phi in their efforts to recognize those companies and individuals in Technology that strive to exemplify Sojourner Truth’s legacy.”

– The McLiechey Family


The Truth Awards Gala™ is a black-tie/ballgown celebration gala to honor humanitarians. Ten individuals/companies in their respective areas of impact will be awarded for their efforts over the previous year of placing humanity first in business practices. The awards ceremony culminates with the final most prestigious award, The Medal of Truth™, given to the person/organization whose impact and footprint has been the greatest over the past year.

This is an invitation only event with nominees, awardees, media, top tech leaders, top tech investors, social leaders, artists/musicians, political leaders and influencers. Given limited space for the general public to attend, five persons will be selected to attend as special guests of the 42Phi Team. If interested in consideration, please apply.


Nominations Are Now Open!

Please make nominee suggestions in each category. Nominees should exemplify excellence in the nominated category and should reflect that they place humanity as the first priority in the advancement of technology.


1. Product

Company/Organization whose product or service most positively impacts humanity.

3. Company Policy

Company/Organization whose rules and employee guidelines foster a work environment that promotes equality, opportunity, growth and work-life balance.

5. Philanthropy

Company/Organization practices and promotes inter-company and external giving.

2. People

Company/Organization whose recruiting, hiring, retention and leadership reflects dedication to humanity. 

4. Compensation

Company/Organization practices and promotes equality in compensation.

6. Community Engagement

Company/Organization actively engages in and positively impacts the community around them. 

7. Conservation

Company/Organization practices and promotes environmental conservation and awareness.


8. Pioneer

Individual who is leading a new effort advancing humanity in technology

9. Community Engagement

Individual actively engages in and positively impacts the community around them. 

Thank you for participating!

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