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To create a pipeline for entrepreneurs with lack of access to the tools, network, mentoring, and investment necessary for success. 


Founders often face critical areas early in the journey that go unaddressed due lack of access to resources and guidance. We help fill that gap. 

Register for the free introductory White Board Session and learn how to set the correct foundation for your company's journey.   


We guide founders through the four pillars to success. 

Our hands-on interactive advising, coaching and training services are designed to progress your Startup from idea to market to funding. 

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 We use recruiting, personality & skill matching techniques to help founders establish early company culture.


We identify paths for accelerated growth and help founders develop strategies for customer adoption.


We help founders, technical and non-technical, with product strategy, development and placement.


We prepare founders for investor expectations and help to navigate changing industry trends 


Greater than 25 years of investment and startup advising experience. Having worked with Top Silicon Valley Capital Firms to First Time Entrepreneurs beginning the ideation phase, 42Phi Ventures is poised to help your company at any stage achieve the next degree of breakthrough in innovation.

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In conjunction with our partnership with Livng Cities, we highlight founders leading a startup whose work is instrumental in increasing access to wealth and wealth-creation

Career Karma

Ruben Harris

Founder, CEO

Career Karma, based in San Francisco, a pervasive app and community that helps people make their most important career decisions by continuously developing their job skills and connecting them with others who can positively influence their career path. The modern workplace is changing rapidly. The emergence of the "gig and sharing economies," distributed workforces, online learning, and work concepts such as "tours of duty" are all contributing to a new way to recruit, hire and train workers. While the company's initial focus will be on coding bootcamps, it is well positioned for the broader opportunity of guiding workers through their lifelong career / educational journey.

Ruben Harris is the CEO of Career Karma, a Y Combinator backed startup that helps people become software engineers in less than 12 months by matching them with the right coding bootcamp and giving them support for the rest of their careers. He is also the Co-Host of the Breaking Into Startups Podcast that has reached over 3 million people focused on the future of work and sharing stories that broke into tech through alternative forms of education. Prior to running his own startup, Ruben worked at AltSchool, Honor, and Hustle with the world’s best educators, technologists, and government leaders to learn how to build out two sided marketplaces leveraging outcomes driven job training programs. He is also a professional cellist that has been playing for over 25 years, worked as an investment banker before moving to Silicon Valley, and is active as a leader with civil rights organizations like the NAACP.

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